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Blu-ray releases on December 9th 2008

Ben Drawbaugh

This is finally the week that we've all be waiting for. It is the week that the biggest release in the history of Blu-ray hits the shelves. Now if you think this is just yet another PS3 demographic comic book movie, think again. The Dark Knight has an IMDB score of 9.1 with over 300,000 votes. This puts it at number four all time which means it has a much wider appeal than most other movies out there. But even in the off chance that you have no interest in the latest Batman flick, there are still a few others worth a look. Fox has a few catalog comedies including the hilarious Super Troopers and Dodgeball. Disney has the latest complete season of the hottest show on TV, Lost -- although we're still waiting for the first two seasons on Blu-ray. And finally, Universal has a action packed Je Li movie, Fearless.

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