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Function over form: RAZR still a cash cow for software developers

Chris Ziegler

Beneath the glittery glow of smartphone superstardom -- you know, the stage occupied by the BlackBerry Storm, the G1, the iPhone, and the like -- lies an ever-present hotbed of workhorses, unglamorous handsets that get the job done and bring home the bacon for their carriers. Phone emulation service DeviceAnywhere reports that the original Motorola RAZR V3 is its most popular device used for software testing, suggesting that developers are still looking to these mass-market phones to sell apps -- despite the high-profile SDK draw from more expensive gear. With 10,000 apps now sitting in Apple's App Store, we're not feeling too bad for iPhone owners, but it's good to know that the free-on-contract cats aren't about to get left behind in the fray.

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