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Gaming to Go: Touchmaster


? It's a great game, sure, what with the twenty-three different activities packed tightly into that tiny plastic cartridge. I can scarce imagine the marketing ploy that lead to naming it something quite so charming as Touchmaster, though, which invokes imagery of things totally not appropriate for a family-friendly console. Still, if you don't mind the curious choice of name, the game offers quite a bit of value for its price, and -- here's the best part -- it's pretty well-suited for gaming on the go!

It's also pretty similar to previous favorite Clubhouse Games, though there's enough difference here to make both titles worth picking up. Where Clubhouse offered digital versions of classic card games, Touchmaster expands the concept a bit, introducing some quirky clones of popular games otherwise not seen on the DS. Sound like a good time? Touchmaster has a lot of things worth checking out, so come along with this week's edition of Gaming to Go and see for yourself what the fuss is all about.


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