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HP's Mini 1000 offers Qualcomm Gobi WWAN chip as option

Darren Murph

We knew good and well HP's Mini 1000 netbook had a thing for integrated 3G, but we never knew it played both sides of the proverbial field. After noticing not two, but three WWAN options on the CTO pages at HP, jkOnTheRun wrote in to figure out what was going on. In sum, those uncomfortable with choosing a dedicated AT&T or Verizon WWAN module can opt for an alternative that handles both networks -- and at no extra cost. HP has confirmed that the $199 option is indeed the two-faced Qualcomm Gobi, which theoretically allows you to use mobile broadband services from AT&T and Verizon if you happen to either relocate or have subscriptions with both. Now, if only the WWAN option wasn't >50% of the purchase price, we might actually consider it.

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