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One Shots: Fear the hand that wields Frostmourne

While we've seen several views of the new Death Knight starting area that came in as part of World of Warcraft's recent expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, we're really quite fond of this one. It gives you something of an idea of just how small players feel in terms of size while standing next to the Lich King and his cursed sword, Frostmourne. Today's One Shots of Arthas and Frostmourne comes to us from Veng, who captured this image when she started her own Death Knight. Chilling!

There's lots of new graphical hotness in several games that we haven't seen yet, so what are you waiting for! Grab some screenshots of those new areas and send them to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com with your name and which game they're from. You're welcome to add a description, shout out to your guild, holiday wishes, or what have you. Please remember to turn your UI off (check your keybind options if you're not sure how in your favorite game) and sized at 1024px across or larger. We'll post them up here for everyone to enjoy and give you the credit for sending the image in.

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