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Sony puts finger on the Pulse of PSN releases

If you find yourself wishing there was a dedicated news source to keep you abreast of the latest releases on the PlayStation Network, then you're probably not the most attentive person in the world. Seriously, between Sony's pay-per-view "interactive magazine" Qore, and our very own Blu-ray-lovin' sister site, you should know about these things before they cross Kaz Hirai's desk.

If you find yourself with a profound, unquenchable thirst for PSN info, Sony recently unveiled yet another news source from which to drink -- a biweekly (see: every other week), five-minute program titled Pulse. These updates, which are hosted by Christina Lee, will only air on -- which makes sense, we guess. If it aired on the PlayStation Network, it would have to report about itself, creating an infinite feedback loop which would effectively turn your PS3 into a sentient killing machine.

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