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5. Mario Party Advance


The Mario Party series is a bit like doing shots of alcohol. The first one is fun and opens the door for a good time. The second keeps things going. Yet with each successive one, you begin to understand that there is a certain validity to the old "too much of a good thing" phrase. And by Mario Party 8, everyone's left simultaneously vomiting and crying.

And like many vices, it's not too long that we swear off of them that we find ourselves being lured back. So for all the nausea-induction that occurs when we hear that Mario Party X is being developed, the games are preferable in moderation (again, like alcohol). It's a decent way to socialize via gaming with friends who are incapable of handling Mario Kart. And that's the rub: it practically useless by itself, and amazing with a group of friends in a living room. Mario Party Advance did not succeed since multiplayer was not quite a top priority of most GBA-players. One can argue that the game was held to a higher standard than most because of its name, but I feel as though this would be balanced by a similar crowd giving the game a pass due to its inclusion of familiar faces.

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