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Music video shot entirely on an iPhone

Dan Fellini

Behold, what is claimed to be the world's first music video shot entirely on an iPhone.

This gem comes to us from GOSHone, A self-described "mad scientist with computers, gadgets, and musical equipment and stuff," G1 used his jailbroken iPhone and a copy of Cycorder to produce what I can only describe as a little slice of wonderful. I can't verify with any certainty that this is, in fact, the "world's first," but I'm going to go with it.

GOSHone says that, while making the video was fun and relatively pain-free, he did struggle with the lack of a preview screen, and "tried to rely on the shiny black back and the chrome Apple logo for reflection." That's a simple, clever trick I hadn't thought of, mostly because I always have a case on my iPhone.

Have a look at his video, then download his free album. It's good stuff.

Thanks to Valerie for sending this in.

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