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Nearly half of American households to have a DVR by 2014

Darren Murph

So, what? 2012 is too close now, so we're moving the target date for all consumer electronics-related estimates to 2014? All jesting aside, a new study from Magna asserts that by the end of 2014, some 44% of US households will have a DVR of some kind. Also by that time, the DVR will be responsible for a 4% erosion in total viewing impressions across all dayparts, but those primetime spots will become that much less important when users can simply make anytime their own personal primetime. The report also expects around 68.8 million homes to receive video-on-demand (up from 40.4 million in Q3 2008), while the number of US domiciles with broadband internet access will rise to 86.2 million from 68.3 million now. Ah, the beautiful scent of progress.

[Image courtesy of AT&T]

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