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Skate devs have a plan to not be like Tony Hawk

Dustin Burg

In the digital world of skating video games, there are two contenders. EA's Skate franchise which has a sequel coming out next year and Tony Hawk, a franchise that has kinda lost its luster over the years. Recognizing this, the Skate 2 devs are adamant about not being like Mr. Hawk.

Talking with MTV Multiplayer, Skate 2 associate producer Shaun Laker made it clear that they aren't going down the same path that the Tony Hawk franchise did, avoiding such fate by simply listening to their community. "As long as we keep putting out great games and don't rush it out and polish it and make sure we're listening to the community and hearing what they're having to say [we will avoid that]," explained Laker, adding "we listen to the community and know what they're asking for and respond to that."

Keeping a franchise fresh by listening to a game's passionate community, implementing changes and serving up a polished product. Who would have thought something like that would work?

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