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Sony cutting plants, 8,000 jobs by April 2010

Justin McElroy

As we've spun wildly, frolicking in the shower of new, exciting games being released, there has, apparently, been a little financial trouble in ... well, in all of existence. We've now emerged from our game coma long enough to survey the damage which is, again, hitting close to home for us gamers: BBC is reporting that Sony will cut 5% of their electronics division -- 8,000 jobs -- and close a tenth of its manufacturing sites.

Two things: 1. We don't know how many of the cuts will be directly related to the PS3 and PSP, if any. 2. This makes perfect sense in an economic climate like this, with decreased demand guaranteed by the financial meltdown, Sony will want to make fewer products. We are, however, troubled by a quote from Katsuhiko Mori, a hedge fund manager who said "The number sounds big, but this staff reduction won't be enough." Here's hoping he's wrong.

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