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Ultimate Shooting Collection delayed once again? [update]


[Update: UFO tells us that they are working toward a January 19 release.]

The last time we mentioned UFO Interactive's US release of the Ultimate Shooting Collection, it was to report a delay. We, uh, have some bad news. Maybe. According to Amazon and Gamestop, the compilation of Milestone shooters (Radio Allergy, Chaos Field, and Karous) will miss its December 15 release date by at least a month. Gamestop's new date is January 20, as is Best Buy's. Amazon places the release at January 31. We've sent an inquiry in to UFO to verify the delay and, hopefully, specify the latest for-real release date.

We're now convinced that Radilgy is cursed. In December of 2006, O3 Entertainment announced plans to release the colorful shmup in February of the next year. It was then delayed until March, then delayed a few more times before being cancelled in June.


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