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Verizon and Comcast exchange words on HD options in Philadelphia

Darren Murph

And by "exchange words," we mean "get seriously agitated and spout off at one another." As Verizon comes down the home stretch on a deal that would give it a 15-year agreement to offer programming services in the City of Brotherly Love, rival Comcast is quaking in its boots. After proclaiming that a huge chunk of Verizon's HD options were just "program fillers on blow-drying hair, kissing, grilling a hamburger, folding a pillowcase, chopping garlic, and other mundane topics," Verizon hit back by insinuating that Comcast was just "desperate." In a fit of stupidity, Comcast produced figures showing that it had a total of 1,304 HD choices in the area compared to Verizon's 1,057; what it failed to mention was the 37 versus 104 (respectively) number that describes the huge gap in linear HD channels between the two carriers. Oh Comcast, when will you ever stop making yourself look silly?

[Via BroadbandReports]

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