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Warhammer Online alters loot drops in city dungeons

James Egan

Bearers of some coveted armor and items found in Warhammer Online's dungeons may have found they lost a few bragging rights this week. WAR's Community Coordinator, James Nichols, recently let players know about some changes to city dungeons that increase the frequency of rare item drops. The dungeons impacted are: Bilerot Burrow, Bloodwought Enclave, Sigmar's Crypts, and Warpblade Tunnels.

New "Rare" and "Very Rare" items have been introduced into all of the city dungeons, but even general loot is now better distributed amongst lower-level monsters found throughout the dungeons. These increased amounts of (lower level) item drops that are less tied to main bosses provide greater rewards to those players unable to complete a given dungeon.

"Mini bosses will now always drop at least one item, with a small chance to drop the new Rare or Very Rare dungeon items," Nichols says. There's also a chance that mini bosses will drop Sentinel Set items, he adds. The chances of this occurring increase corresponding to how high your City Rank is.

This isn't to say that Warhammer Online is going to be flooded with the rarest items, either. Nichols says, "The total number of Sentinel Set items dropped by bosses has been reduced due to the new drop rates." But there are now more certainties in terms of what loot is dropped. Nichols breaks it down like this:

  • All bosses will now drop between three and five items depending on your city ranking.
  • All bosses will now drop one of the new unique Rare or Very Rare items 100% of the time.
  • All bosses will now drop a rare dye 100% of the time.
  • All bosses will drop between one and two Sentinel Set items, depending on your city ranking.
  • All bosses have a 50% chance to drop the Sentinel Set belt at all times.
For more details surrounding city dungeon itemization improvements in Warhammer Online, see the announcement from Nichols in the Warhammer Herald.
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