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Ask Engadget HD: A second Blu-ray deck, or an upscaling DVD player?

Darren Murph

We've always heard that treating your guests well pays off in the end, but giving them their own Blu-ray player? Hmm...

"I've got a PlayStation 3 in the living room, but I'm on the fence with what kind of player to get for our guest room. Should I spring for a second Blu-ray player of some kind, or should I just get an upscaling DVD deck? With prices of the entry-level BD machines just barely more than a decent upconverting DVD player, I'm leaning Blu. But, if I opt for another BD deck, which low-end one is the best choice?"

We wouldn't hesitate to offer our recommendations of investing in a second BD deck -- after all, you never know when you'll need one for travel or loan -- but there's a whole heap to choose from in the entry-level sector. Any advice for our pal Gregory?

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