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Hunter pet oozes with charm

Zach Yonzon

Hunters have had a little secret for a while now, and my friend made a mad rush to 80 when he found out about it. You see, there's currently a bug with some quest mobs in Sholazar Basin that's tagging them, perhaps incorrectly, as beasts. The Oracles' daily quest A Cleansing Song sends you off to kill some evil spirits -- the Spirit of Ha-Khalan, a ghostly crocolisk; the Spirit of Atha, a spectral Hydra; and the Spirit of Koosu, your run-of-the-mill ooze.

The Spirit of Ha-Khalan was tameable, so some Hunters got really cool, transluscent crocolisk pets. I mean, who needs Spirit Beasts? Entertainingly enough, the other two quest mobs were also classified as beasts and were likewise tameable. Eventually some Hunters were running around with a spooky hydra or, like my friend, a disgusting little pile of snot.

Aside from waiting for the right daily quest, these pets aren't nearly as hard to tame as the ghost wolves of yore. Will Blizzard let Hunters keep their slimy little companions just as some lucky few were able to keep their spirit guides? We'll see. Hopefully. What's so wrong about a slime that thinks it's a crocolisk, anyway? The pets are considered Crocolisks and share Crocolisk family traits, with the Bad Attitude special ability and Tenacity talent tree.

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