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iPhone is #3 on Time's gadgets list


Apple has long been a darling of Time Magazine's tech writers. Just take a look at the history

Heck, even the Nike+ iPod kit was nominated for Gadget of the Year in 2006. This year, the iPhone is listed at number 3 on Time's year-end list, "The Top 10 Everything." I guess it was due for a slip (not that 3rd place on a list counting "everything" is bad!). Second place went to the Mitsubishi LaserVue 65-inch HDTV, while the Optoma Pico PK-101 sits at the top spot.

The Pico, a pocket-sized projector for the iPod, first caught our attention in November. Optoma has priced it at $399US and suggested a shipping date of early next year.

So what accounted for the iPhone's slip? Time claims an email experience inferior to that on a Blackberry as well as average performance as a cell phone.

[Via MacNN]

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