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Live fanmade concert celebrates Halo addiction

It wouldn't be a shock to hear that we love us some Halo 3 but our love (and/or obsession) doesn't come close to Bryan Simon. Known throughout the Halo community as the guy who sang himself into Recon armor, Bryan Simon is holding a special concert on December 11 where he will play through his entire catalog of Halo 3 related music. If you aren't familiar with Simon's work, think Flight of the Conchords if they were uncomfortably in love with Bungie.

Luckily, a fan-swag giveaway isn't necessary for this concert because tickets are free ... well, that is to say the entire concert will be streamed online via UStream. We like to imagine the entire event is taking place at Carnegie Hall but knowing his addiction, Dustin probably kidnapped Bryan and is making him play the songs from his basement. Bryan, if you can read this: Blink once if you're okay, twice is you want us to send in the cavalry.

Bryan Simon's Live Halo Love concert takes place online on December 11 at 7:00PM EST and you can also check out a rehearsal session tonight at 7:00PM EST at the same UStream link.

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