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Nexto ND-2725 video backup: has Sean Penn met his match?


It looks like NextoDI is back with another storage device aimed at the hot-to-trot paparazzi set. Like the last offering we saw from the company, the ND-2725 sports a 2.5-inch SATA hard drive (up to 200GB) and supports just about every other memory card out there. Additionally, data can be backed up via USB and FireWire, including SxS and P2 cards from Sony and Panasonic camcorders, respectively. The company bills this guy as the "world's fastest backup device," and while we wonder about that, at a max speed of 32MB/s, it's certainly no slouch. Besides, you can't put a premium on data integrity -- you wouldn't want a loused backup to come between you and all those National Enquirer greenbacks, would you?

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