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Resident Evil 5 demo taken offline


The Resident Evil 5 demo's online co-op mode is no longer accessible outside of Japan, reports X3F. While our friends have not verified the mode's status inside Japan, X3F confirms that users outside of Japan are auto-magically signed out of Xbox Live upon launching the demo, which is, officially, only available in Japan. But a workaround makes the content accessible worldwide, and a built-in English language option further fuels the temptation. C'mon, everybody else is doing it ...

It seems, though, that Microsoft is now filtering IP addresses that connect to the demo's servers, apparently denying any that don't originate from Japan. Stopping short of redirecting your Xbox Live connection through a proxy server (note: it may sound like we know what we're talking about -- but we really have no idea), demo players outside of Japan will have to settle for offline play until the official releases hit their regions. Look at it this way: it beats being banned.

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