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Turbine releases beta

Shawn Schuster

As we first reported in October, Turbine was looking to release a social networking site in Q4 2008 for its Lord of the Rings Online players. Now we're happy to announce that the site has officially been launched in an early beta stage, although not quite as Facebook-y as many had speculated early on.

Powered by Wordpress, this site tracks character, monster character, kinship and tribe information and relays it in a very easy-to-use format. It also displays item information, stats, deed accomplishment and leveling dates, times and much more. There's a calendar for kinship events, a journal option for keeping notes on your character's progress and even an RSS feed for each journal. This beta version will run from today until Friday, December 12th, and you can check out our own gallery of the site's features by following the link below.

Gallery: beta preview | 8 Photos

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