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US gets Overkill collector's edition with less cool extras?


Remember that awesome European collector's edition for House of the Dead: Overkill? Well, those of us in the US are getting a similarly sweet bonus package should we wish to part with the extra dough, however our comic doesn't come in the traditional form. Instead, it's a digital download, according to Amazon. In poking around the net, though, we found that Gamestop is offering the comic, but in actual paper form. We're all kinds of confused now!

We all know North America will be getting the collector's edition. However, we're not certain on whether it'll be a paper comic or a download. If it's different for each retailer, we're sad to say that Gamestop is in the lead for our pre-order dollar right now. We'd rather have an actual comic we can hold in our hands than one we're forced to read on a computer screen. We're just old school like that.


[Thanks, Buffalo_AAA!]

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