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Casio ready to look beyond G'zOne for US market with Exilim?

Chris Ziegler

If you want a Casio and you're in the US, you've had one option over the past couple years -- the rugged but low-function G'zOne line -- and you could have it on any carrier you liked, as long as it was Verizon. The Verizon thing might still be the case, but we're encouraged to see an Exilim-branded device pass through the FCC with CDMA and EV-DO Rev. A that isn't one of the known Japanese domestic market models. Slapping "Exilim" on a phone is Casio's way of saying that they're stuffing some serious photographic power into the thing, so we can probably expect a 5-megapixel (or higher) sensor, presumably with autofocus and all the trimmings. Thanks, FCC; as usual, you guys are our Santa 52 weeks a year.

[Via Phone Scoop]

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