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Laxman Innertainment System is Yanni approved


Ever been to a spa and ruminated about the teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg? Or maybe you think that aromatherapy, not a gun, is the real rain that will wash the scum off the streets? Good, Laxman's Innertainment System is for you. The MP3 player features a set of open-eye goggles that display ever-changing colors of the light spectrum. It ships with 4 hours of ambient music laced with nature sounds that you can overwrite with any songs of your choosing. The purpose? Well, according to the vendor, "you will be awash in kaleidoscopic geometric structures while you shift into a more relaxed state of mind." How noble, any more so and they could have named it the Inert-ainment System. Seriously though, for $649 we'd rather be drumming our lips while staring into a spinning pinwheel for free. Click through for the hypnotic video.

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