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Mount race restrictions lifted, Tauren rejoice

Michael Sacco

As the newest member of the WoW Insider team, I thought it'd be a good idea to introduce myself before diving right into news, news, news. We might not be total strangers, though! I was the blue poster formerly known as Belfaire (the talbuk). A good number of you may be familiar with my work already, and may have even wondered where I'd gone off to in the past two months. Now you know!

That's right--I've given up the animated avatar and moved on to greener pastures. I'm still the same incorrigible talbuk you knew, though, and my unique experiences make me a real...WoW insider.

With the obligatory terrible puns out of the way, let's talk shop, yeah?

Mounts! A subject near and dear to my heart, having been one in my past life. With today's posting of the patch notes for PTR patch 3.0.8, we've discovered that mounts are no longer restricted by race, which means that any mount available to your faction is yours to ride as you see fit. Tauren, this means you can ride that skelly horse you've been after, or even a choc--err, hawkstrider. It also means that if you're a human, night elf, or draenei, you can ratchet the ridiculousness level up to eleven and ride a mechanostrider if you so desire.

Lifting this restriction also helps a number of races with getting those mount collection achievements, including the reported new one, which tasks you with collecting a square hundred mounts. Your reward? A dragonhawk mount -- surely just the thing to break you out of those "riding a huge red dragon is so boring" blues.

I've always thought that the race restriction on mounts was kind of silly and likely a legacy thing from vanilla WoW. I'm glad that, with all of the other cosmetic and customization changes Blizzard's added for Wrath, that they rethought the restriction and put all races on equal footing (or hoofing, as the case may be).

Good news for those who want to look hilarious and comical. Great news for Azerothian animal chiropractors!

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