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NFL Game Rewind tested: All HD, all the games, no commercials


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The NFL's online on-demand service, Game Rewind, is live and promising every game in high definition with no commercial interruption. Football fans are expected to kick in either $4.99 for a week pass or $19.99 for a full season of access, just enough that they may want to check out Streaming Media's impressions of the service before dropping any cash. Overall results seem impressive, with PQ on the actual service far surpassing the demo available on, with only momentary buffering and no stuttering reported using Move Networks' streaming technology that's previously powered the NFL's GamePass HD for international viewers and others like, AT&T and the Metropolitan Opera. Future potential could take this kind of service beyond the browser window (see Netflix Instant Watch) but for now we think this would only appeal to the most hardcore football fans (or, we can't bear to watch Lions game again, it's hard to tell at this point) and as the preview points out it would be a lot more attractive in a free / ad-supported package.

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