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Sega officially announces Sands of Destruction


We knew it was coming, but Sega finally saw fit to send out the press release announcing the North American version of World Destruction, called Sands of Destruction. The press release is even dated December 4! We'd love to know what happened to make Sega decide at the last minute to sit on the announcement for a week.

According to the press release, Sands of Destruction follows a group called the World Annihilation Front who, in an attempt to free the world from the tyrannical Ferals, decide to destroy it, using the powers of a kid named Kyrie Illunis.

The "voice system" seems to have been dubbed the "Quip System" in the US release: characters can enhance and change their status in battle by saying "inspiring battle commands," which are found throughout the world and equipped by characters. It's a game about trying not to save the world, in which you battle by talking! All they need in order to totally break JRPG tradition is to put a very friendly, outgoing person in the lead who remembers his childhood just fine.


[Thanks, Volcynika!]

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