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Stylish CLOT x PSP jacket will show everyone your gaming allegiance

Alan Tsang

Are you a true PSP fanboy? The jacket shown above is probably one of the more stylish ways to express everyone your portable gaming allegiance. In a collaboration with SCEH, Hong Kong-based hip-hop clothing label CLOT has produced a very limited number of these CLOT x PSP M65 military-style jackets for sale -- each of them is priced at $4000 HKD (about $516 USD). Each jacket features the standard CLOT logos, as well as two PlayStation logos and one PSP logo. Here comes the bad news though: even if you had $516 for one of these babies, you won't able to get your hands on one -- a representative at the CLOT told us they are sold out.

Another way to obtain them was to have attended the annual Asia Game Show that took place during November 19th to the 22nd in Hong Kong. By spending $3000 HKD (about $387 USD), you get a chance to enter a random drawing for one of these jackets. More pictures of the jacket can be seen here.

Source -- Sony Computer Entertainment Asia
Source -- High Snobiety via kanYe West: Blog -- thanks, ryegagnon!

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