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The Achievements of Winter Veil part 2

Amanda Miller

6. Crashin' & Thrashin' and He Knows if You've Been Naughty
For this achievement, you will need to log onto the game on Christmas day, give or take a few hours. There will be presents under the trees in Orgrimmar and Ironforge, and there are enough for everyone. Theoretically, you will obtain a Crashin' Thrashin' Racer, and consequently crash it 25 times.

You will actually obtain this achievement for crashing it, but another, called Crashin' Thrashin' Racer, for simply owning it. Don't confuse the two and forget to crash your new toy!

By picking up any one of the presents, you will earn He Knows If You've Been Naughty.

7. Simply Abominable and A Frosty Shake
This is awarded at the end of a quest chain that starts with Stolen Winter Veil Treats. You must be level 30 to begin. Head to the Alterac Mountains and you will find a little snowman south west of Frostmaw's cave who will then give you the quest, You're a Mean One.

There exists a creature that you must hunt to recover the stolen treats. Head west from Frostmaw's Cave until you find him, although he will likely be camped heavily, especially at first. When you have the treats in-hand, travel back to the Smokeywood characters that gave you Metzen's quest and hand them over. You will be given the quest, A Smokeywood Pasture's Thank You!. This is the key to the achievement.

You will also be mailed a Winter Veil Disguise Kit. Use it to turn into a snowman, and then /dance with another snowman. You have to be in Dalaran for this to count, so start bargaining for a summons if you can't get there on your own.

8. Let it Snow
During the Feast of Winter Veil, you will find yourself throwing Handfuls of Snowflakes that can be obtained by /kissing the Winter Revelers on different class and race combinations. Find these Horde members:

  • Death Knight: Orc
  • Shaman: Tauren
  • Rogue: Undead
  • Hunter: Troll
  • Warlock: Blood Elf
Find the following Alliance characters:
  • Gnome: Mage
  • Warrior: Human
  • Druid: Night Elf
  • Paladin: Dwarf
  • Draenei: Priest
9. Bro's Before Ho Ho Ho's
This achievement differs drastically between the two factions. The Horde must hunt down the following NPCs and use Mistletoe on them, which is yet another item that can be obtained by /kissing Winter Revelers:
  1. Brother Malach, Undercity
  2. Durkot Wolfbrother, Warsong Hold
  3. Brother Keltan, Icecrown
The Alliance, on the other hand, must find these NPCs:
  1. Brother Nimetz, Stranglethorn.
  2. Brother Anton, Nijel's Point.
  3. Brother Wilhelm, Goldshire.
  4. Brother Karman, Theramore.
  5. Brother Kristoff, Stormwind.
  6. Brother Joshua, Stormwind.
  7. Brother Crowley, Stormwind.
  8. Brother Cassius, Stormwind.
  9. Brother Benjamin, Stormwind.
The above links provide maps that will help you find these NPCs. On the one hand, the Horde has fewer to find, but on the other, the Horde quest will be harder to finish for characters that cannot traverse Northrend, and impossible for anyone without the expansion.

10. The Winter Veil Gourmet
If you haven't started your cooking career yet, this is the season to do it. There are three holiday recipes, and by cooking them up, you'll receive a yummy achievement.

Gingerbread Cookie, as well as Hot Apple Cider and Egg Nog, are all recipes that can be purchased directly from a Smokeywood Pastures vendor, and made using simple ingredients and reagents.

Still, you might want to stock up on Small Eggs now before they become expensive!

Check out our 2007 Winter Veil edition of Know Your Lore and WoW, Casually. You might also be interested in making your own Snowman sculpture or Winter Veil-themed mint-chocolate treats. If it's achievements that you're really after, why not take our guided tour of the achievement UI? If you're planning some holiday downtime, the fishing achievements might be right up your alley. Still feverishly exploring Northrend? Check out ten of the easiest Wrath achievements.

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