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The Dark Knight fastest selling Blu-ray of all time; over 25% format share


We had high hopes for The Dark Knight's Blu-ray release. But boy, we didn't expect such phenomenal results. The Dark Knight has become the fastest selling Blu-ray yet, besting the last king of the hill, Iron Man. Nearly 3 million copies of the movie were sold on Tuesday, with 600,000 units being sold on Blu-ray. That means about 25-30% of the disc sales were on Blu-ray -- an impressive feat for a relatively new format.

"It's encouraging," said Ron Sanders, president of Warner Home Video. "The Blu-ray sales of 'Dark Knight' were exceptionally strong and much higher than our projections." Considering The Dark Knight is an obvious addition to an HD home theater set up, we doubt their projections were much lower. Besides, all that money should make up for the Golden Globe snub, amirite?

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