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ThinkLogical debuts Velocity USB KVM -- with a 25-mile range

Nilay Patel

Okay, we can't actually think of a single reason why you'd need a KVM switch with a max range of 25 freaking miles, but we do know it's pretty insane that such a product even exists. Built on top of an Icron ExtremeUSB chipset, the ThinkLogical VelocityKVM can pipe two 1920 x 1200 DVI signals, USB 1.1, serial, PS2 and stereo audio up to 40 kilometers over single-mode fiber with no loss in quality, and can be upgraded to support USB 2.0 as well. ThinkLogical doesn't even begin to list prices on its site, which probably means you'll need some deep pockets to get in on the action -- uh, yeah, we'll stick to VNC for now, thanks.

[Via Wired]

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