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Ubi could lose $2m from Woolworths collapse

Jason Dobson

Ubisoft may be gnashing its teeth at the one that got away, but the French publisher will likely be thankful for any extra padding in its account following the much publicized Woolworths collapse. reports that the UK retail chain's recent demise, along with its distribution business EUK, could end up costing Ubi €1.5 million, or something in the neighborhood of $2 million.

Woolworths' going under is likely to be the subject of water cooler talk at other publishers as well, with UK tabloid The Sun suggesting earlier this week that both Microsoft and Nintendo could end up losing the millions of pounds currently owed to them by EUK. Truly the game industry is not insulated from the effects of the world's ongoing financial hardship. It's just unfortunate that in this global crisis, there is no Elika around to pull publishers back up to safety.

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