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Canadians survey finds most HDTV owners don't receive HD content

Darren Murph

We're chalking this one up to coincidental timing, but just hours after hearing about the HDTV / HD programming gap in the US comes a similar report from the Great North. According to research compiled by the Canadian chapter of the Cable Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM), just 13% of Canadians have a set-top-box capable of receiving HD signals, yet some three in ten citizens confess to owning an HDTV. In other words, quite a few HDTV-owning Canucks are doing without high-def programming for one reason or another. CTAM asserts that confusion about the niceties of HD is high in Canada, and that most individuals "are generally unaware of the features and benefits associated with high-definition TV." Hmm, maybe if the CRTC would stop rejecting HD expansion, more locals would be able to see and hear the difference.

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