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E-waves chip to fend off mobile phone radiation, turn water to wine

Darren Murph

Belgium's own Omega Pharma is setting out to do something phenomenal -- it's looking to sell a chip that it claims will "counter potentially damaging radiation from mobile phones." The outfit currently sells all sorts of non-prescription products (wart treatments, pregnancy tests, snake oil, etc.) to pharmacists, and it's hoping the E-waves phone chip will totally get the company name on the worldwide map. Reportedly, testing of the device showed that it "lessened symptoms such as headaches and loss of concentration that might be associated with mobile phone use," and if you believe that, it'll also lessen the amount of cash in your wallet by around $50. It seems the unit will launch strictly in Europe at first, but the outfit is ready and willing to produce as many millions as it needs to satisfy the sure-to-be-crazy demand.

[Via phonescoop]

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