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EFi-X USA among latest to sell OS X capable machines


Update: The EFi-X development team contacted Engadget to report that they have nothing to do with "EFi-X USA" and they do not approve of this effort to sell Mac OS X-compatible machines. Classy!

Update #2 (6 p.m. ET):
EFi-X has let Engadget know that it is shutting down EFi-X USA's plans to sell the Millennium machine, stating it refuses to support systems that would directly compete with any brand.

Engadget has reported that EFi-X USA is among the latest companies to announce that they will sell OS X capable machines targeted at high-end users. EFi-X is already known for selling a dongle, shown at right, that allows certain Intel machines to run OS X.

According to the Engadget post, the EFi-X Millennium 4 will contain the following:

  • An overclocked 3.8GHz Core 2 Quad
  • 4GB of RAM
  • A GeForce 8800 GTS graphics card in an Antec P180 case
  • The dongle that fools your machine into installing OS X
The kit itself will cost $1,899USD while the dongle is $199USD. According to Apple Insider, the US version of the EFi-X site will publish purchase details on Monday.

This announcement comes days after Argentina-based OpeniMac announced that it would begin selling Mac clones. Of course, there is still that small case with Psystar still going on.

[Via Engadget]

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