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Forum post of the day: You stay classy

Amanda Dean

It seems Blizzard has been listening to the complaints and concerns of players. I've been taken aback by the implementation of paid name changes, PvE to PvP transfers and gender changes. For years, I've read clamoring for race, faction and class changes.

Zarhym weighed in Wolfbite of Chromaggus' thread in the general forums requesting class changes. Name and appearance changes are purely cosmetic, while allowing class changes would affect the overall dynamics of the game. Later in the thread Zarhym stated that this is partially to avoid creating a "flavor of the month" class, and would prefer to address player concerns. Rerolling was the most common prescription amongst posters to solve the original poster's issue.

Leveling has become vastly easier over the years. Low-level questing has been nerfed and the requirements for levels more lax. Especially when you add in the amazing benefits of the Recruit a Friend promotion, leveling is quite speedy. But that's not necessarily for the best. Some responders are concerned that class changes would promote more players who really don't know what they're doing. I'm afraid RAF has the same draw back (says the woman with the Mage and Rogue that she has no idea what to do with). I'm not entirely convinced that RAF is not indirectly equated to paid race, class, and faction changes.

As for thee flavor of the month, I can't swing a cat without hitting a Death Knight. I hope that the classes rebalance themselves out as we grow used to, and bored with this class. Then again, Blizzard has hinted that there will be more heroic classes in the future.

I don't think it will happen in the near future, as I believe Zarhym when he says there are no current plans on the table. But how many times have we heard that there will never be PvE to PvP transfers or gender changes? Customization for profit seems to be the in thing this holiday seeason.

Blizz, if you're listening to player requests, I'm just asking for one little thing: give Undead the Thriller dance.

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