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More Cocoto, Donkey Kong 3 for Australia soon (yay?)


Cocoto Platform Jumper is one of the most no-nonsense game titles we've seen outside of the Simple series. It's also a 2004 3D platformer released in PAL regions on the GameCube, PS2, and GBA, starring the gross little red creature.

While a few new Cocoto games have been released on the Wii, developer Neko Entertainment ported last generation's Cocoto Fishing Master to WiiWare, which, uh, didn't turn out that great. But not because of the format. In any case, since Cocoto Fishing Master made the trip around the world, expect this one as well. Maybe the novelty of a 3D platformer on WiiWare could be worth something to you.

Also newly rated by the Australian OFLC, indicating an upcoming PAL release: Heracles Chariot Racing, another last-gen WiiWare port from Neko Entertainment, and ... oh, hey, a Miyamoto game, Donkey Kong 3, on Virtual Console! Which ... is the worst original Donkey Kong game.

We'd say something about the porting of what was already kind of shovelware to WiiWare, but to be honest ... this stuff is easily avoidable in the Wii Shop, and we'd rather someone spend like 700 Wii Points for it and get it from home than have to put shoes on and pay sales tax for it.

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