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Motorola's rough and rugged V750 now available on Telus

Darren Murph

It won't fill the void left in your heart from not being able to acquire a BlackBerry Storm, but it will withstand the beating you probably feel like dishing out. Motorola's surprisingly stout V750 has made its way across the border and onto Telus Mobility, bringing with it EV-DO Rev. A support, a 2.2-inch 320 x 240 internal display, 3.8-hours of talk time (83-hours in standby) and military-grade resistance to things like drops, water and extreme temperatures. If you're headed up to Yellowknife (or even crazier, Tuktoyaktuk), one of these could certainly come in handy. It's available now for between $199.99 and $399.99 depending on contract length.

[Via mobilesyrup]

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