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Pamela Anderson celebrates pinnacle of career with Samsung Jackie Pack

Chris Ziegler

Celebrating a storied Hollywood career as illustrious and celebrated as Barb Wire's Pamela Anderson's takes more than a lavish party stocked to the nines with fashionable people. Much more, actually -- in fact, it takes the release of a special bundle of Samsung's F480 to properly commemorate the occasion, which is why Pam's been busy in the Netherlands lately helping Sammy launch the F480 "Jackie Pack" at the annual Millionaire Fair for the filthy rich. The package, named after a magazine that's also for the filthy rich, includes the aforementioned TouchWiz slate in an all-new color plus some gaudy jewelry you'll never wear (but Pam might). Pricing isn't available yet, but the original Baywatch babe already has hers -- so if you're really into it, make her an offer she can't refuse.

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