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29 States to participate in analog shutoff test next week

Steven Kim

Set your doomsday clocks for December 17 -- and no, scientists are not testing out their duct-tape fix to the LHC. Next Wednesday, Washington D.C. and 29 states will all put a toe in the analog shutoff waters on the same day. There's been no shortage of smaller scale tests that have passed without significant incident, but the test next week with t-minus two months to the real deal is the most widespread shutoff simulation yet. Thanks to the numerous PSAs, many people know all about the switchover, but the tests have helped OTA-users identify if they're safely in the digital footprint or "digital cliff dwellers" living on the edge of the digital coverage areas; we figure the roster of affected people will grow after next week. If your area is on the list, might we suggest stocking up on TV viewing in advance of the test?

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