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    Mitsubishi's 1080p HC7000 HD projector reviewed: it's a keeper

    Darren Murph

    Mitsubishi's HC7000 1080p projector just started leaving the docks not too, too long ago, and now the kind folks over at BigPictureBigSound have published a thorough review after spending a decent bit of time with it. Installation and setup was said to be "a simple affair," and one of the first things they noticed upon firing it up was just how quiet it was while operating. In fact, critics deemed it the quietest projector they had tested in this price range. Testers fired up an upscaled DVD after calibration procedures were done, and what they saw was "perfectly acceptable," with black levels being ultra black and color being "vibrant and very natural." Blu-ray Disc and HDTV content were even more stunning, and overall, only minor niggles ("remote backlight shuts off too quickly," for instance) were mentioned. In case you couldn't guess, critics deemed this one "a keeper," and to sweeten things up, the street price on this puppy is a far cry from its original MSRP. Mmm, price drops.

    [Via AboutProjectors]

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