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Quick match, party functionality coming to SOCOM: Confrontation in patch 1.30

Try and stay SOCALM as we relay this exciting news! Sony's frequently updated SOCOM: Confrontation blog has been firing off tons of posts over the past two weeks releasing details about the trophy-infused "patch 1.30" that will eventually be making its way to the game. A recent entry into the blog revealed the addition of two oft-requested matchmaking features that are SOCOMpletely overdue -- a "quick match" mode and a party system which allows you to join games with groups of friends with ease.

The two features are actually linked -- selecting the quick match option will take you into a party lobby, where you and your PSN friend platoon can congregate. After your party is built, you can choose one of the three match types to join (16 v. 16 Ranked, Unranked and Respawn) and be automatically matched up against similarly skilled parties. However, no word has been given on a specific launch window for the much-anticipated patch -- SOCOMe on, Slant Six! The anticipation is killing us!

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