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Star Wars Galaxies announces the post-transfer server list

Michael Zenke

In an article on the official Star Wars Galaxies website, the developers have unveiled the servers they've chosen to be highlighted in a post-merger era. We discussed the server merger decision early last month, and noted their plans to decide 'later' which of the servers would be options to transfer into. Now complete details for the free character transfer service are available, and which servers are getting the thumbs-up will probably come as no surprise if you're a part of the SWG community. Here's the list of servers that can be transferred to starting January 13, 2009, and ending on March 31, 2009:
  • Ahazi
  • Bloodfin
  • Bria
  • Chilastra
  • Eclipse
  • Europe-Chimaera
  • Europe-FarStar
  • Flurry
  • Gorath
  • Radiant
  • Shadowfire
  • Starsider
  • Sunrunner
If you have a character on a server that's not on this list, it doesn't mean your server is being shut down. That said, if your server isn't on this list it's likely to get mighty lonely on there starting early next year. Full details on the free server transfer program are available, including questions of transferring between destinations servers.

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