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Apple spells out the story on iPhone locking around the globe

Chris Ziegler

On AT&T, you know the drill: your iPhone 3G's locked up tight, and no amount of begging, pleading, or bargaining is going to convince a CS rep to drop the digital deadbolt for you (not to say they'd have the foggiest clue how to anyway). In other parts of the world, though, some carriers are more than happy to unlock iPhone 3Gs that have been sold through them -- and sometimes, they're even unlocked out of the gate. Apple has thrown out a handy guide to the relative scruples of carriers around the world, ranging from Mobistar Belgium -- where the phone you buy can be used on any carrier you like -- to our own aforementioned AT&T, where only the good folks at the iPhone Dev Team can save you. Of course, you pay more when the phone comes unlocked, so, you know, pick your poison.

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