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AT&T certifies Treo Pro, not to be confused with "AT&T subsidizes Treo Pro"

Chris Ziegler

Everyone was a little taken aback by Palm's decision to sell its new top-of-the-line Treo Pro direct -- unlocked, no less -- rather than pairing up with AT&T or T-Mobile to get the phone more exposure at a lower price point. Whether that was ultimately Palm's decision or an unwillingness on the carriers' part to get a deal done, we may never know, but you've always been able to snap one up and use it on AT&T's 3G airwaves right out of the box. For the skittish among us, that may not have been enough reassurance that you'd be able to use the unbranded phone without the occasional hiccup, so for you, Palm has gone ahead and pushed the Treo Pro through AT&T's Specialty Vertical Devices program, which is code for "stuff we know works on our network, but we have no interest in selling on contract." It'll probably win a few extra sales with large companies that require fully-certified wireless gear, but for the average consumer, there's probably little consequence here.

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