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Club Nintendo back up, accepting NA members [update]


After years of chanting "Let us in, let us in!," the doors to Club Nintendo have finally been opened to those living in North America. The service, which was announced this summer, takes the place of NOA's previous My Nintendo site. Nice to join you, Japan and Europe.

Already have your Nintendo gear and games registered on My Nintendo? Not to worry. Logging into the Club Nintendo site automagically converts your old account and – most importantly – makes sure Club Nintendo knows about all the stuff you've bought. So you can, y'know, start saving up for exclusive merchandise and other rewards, including the (now official) US version of Game & Watch Collection.

There's just one problem – after seeing the site with our very own eyes (!) it ... disappeared, and was replaced with placeholder art assuring us that Club Nintendo was "Coming Soon!" Lucky for us then that one NeoGAF user thought to grab a screenshot (seen above). Don't worry, you take the night off. We've got our clicking finger on the Reload button and we'll let you know when everything's back up. Now go have a drink, you look tired.

[Update: It seems – seems – that Club Nintendo is now live for good and all. Yep, it's up.]

[Thanks, Fernando]

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