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First Look: Wikipedia Mobile


I'll admit it -- I'm a Wikipedia junkie.

Sometimes I just pull up Wikipedia, type in the first word that comes to my head, and then start following links. It's amazing how much information is available out there, and the connections that you can find are remarkable.

Until now, most of my Wikipedia surfing was limited to one of my Macs, since I wasn't fond of the way that the information was formatted in the iPhone Web app. As you can see in the screenshots below, it was scaled down and hard to read even in landscape mode.

With the new native iPhone Wikipedia Mobile app from Comoki Software, all that has changed. The information is neatly formatted for the iPhone, using disclosure triangles to hide or show information in sections of each article. There's a summary section on most pages that can be expanded to fill the iPhone screen by tapping an arrow in the upper left corner.

Other features include the ability to look at your search history, save and view saved searches, or change the language of an article.

The Wikipedia app is available now in the App Store for US$2.99 (click opens iTunes).

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