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Here, have some Uncharted 2 screenshots and concept pics

Jem Alexander

We know exactly how you're feeling. You saw the Uncharted 2 trailer (probably multiple times) and it just left you wanting more. NeoGaf user "jiggle" has posted a whole bunch of screenshots and concept images from Nathan Drake's second outing. They show a new urban environment, with decidedly non-piratey armed guards (though, in true Uncharted fashion, they do all look the same). There's also some snowy concept art, what appears to be a new female sidekick (we're still rooting for Elena to make a return) and an ancient city in the mountains (shown above) that we can't wait to explore.

We're not sure what the source of these images is, but we'll be sure to update you should we learn of their origin. Regardless, take a peek and get yourself even more hyped up for what is quickly becoming our most anticipated game for 2009.

[Thanks Noshino and Monik]

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