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Jaffe: God of War 3 'looks 25-30% better' than VGA trailer


Commenting on the 40-odd seconds of God of War III shown during last night's VGAs, series creator David Jaffe says that it looked good, but not as impressive as the game does in its most current form. You may recall that Jaffe had heaped some extremely high praise on the game's visuals after he recently saw it in action.

Last night's footage is only part of what he saw during an internal SCEA meeting, Jaffe revealed on his blog. "The stuff I saw that I raved about was probably finished 1-2 days before I got to the studios. The Spike stuff I saw had aleady been turned into Spike so it was 100% older," he explained.

"To give you an idea, the stuff I saw that I raved about looked about 25-30% better [than the HD footage Spike broadcast]," he said of the closed meeting footage, adding, "It happened to blow me away and remains the best looking console game I've ever seen ... beyond Gears 2 which so far is the best looking console game ever released." As for what Jaffe had to say to those who questioned his likening of GOW3 to a painting, well, you'll have to hit his blog to read that colorful prose (and watch a video of his thoughts on video game awards shows).

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