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Samsung announces new 65nm ARM9 processor -- for digital photo frames

Tim Stevens

Think digital photo frames are just an annoying passing fad? Samsung begs to differ, taking this market segment so seriously that it has developed a custom processor exclusively for use in the things: the 65nm S5L2010. It's capable of rendering a 57 megapixel JPEG in one second flat -- useful for the RED DSMC crowd but perhaps a bit overkill for the rest of us. However, everyone should be able to appreciate integrated decoding of most audio and video formats, support for nearly every shape of memory card under the sun, and out of the box handling for LED backlit LCDs, all integrated into the processor to save production costs. To all the digi-frame moguls out there: if you're looking to get started on the next generation, this is your ticket, leaving Q1 of 2009.

[Via Engadget Spanish]

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